Excuse me,

But i'm just tryna get your attention

from this world of mixed dimensions

And worthless misconceptions

engulfing the perceptions

that I am not beautiful


You see,

I'll remove the filter

and make it simpler 

for the sinister minded people,

I'll undo the tilter 

and the soften

Because too often

I take caution

In showing you the real me

But I hope it's okay 

if I say, I'll  'filter' myself


cause filter really means to remove 

the unwanted,

To reveal the haunted 

and unhaunted


I have blemishes,

too dense to be sensed

by shallow observation,

A wonderful creation

with faults of a nation

Hoping that with gradual formation,

I can become beautiful


I am unevenly toned,

And sometimes I am prone

to use 'chrome'

But that's just because

I havent yet known

my worth,

I havent yet realised

that i deserve to be on the throne

inspite of how much I moan,

In the light of how much I've grown


And yea I know

you won't like this picture of me 

with no filter,

maybe it's a killer,

a long, lost thriller

But your conception

of this perception is only 

a deception of the real you

cause if you filtered yourself,

you'd be human too.


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