Now Behold

Wed, 10/24/2012 - 18:56 -- Kelle

You have now brought this new plate
Plate of Gold, that no one else but I can Hold
You have now brought this new light
A light so powerful, not even darkness can contrite
For you have NOW brought this new happiness
I now laugh at things that are so grand
Or things that are bland
In the Good times and Bad
There's a peace, a peace that is so sweet
that not even my enemies could take away from me
I laugh at them when they tear me down
I laugh when they try and overthrow my crown
Pssh, but that will never happen
God has blessed me with so much
He has opened up nothing but GOOD treasures
so i'll lend and NOT borrow
And as I lay down my sins to him
I awaken with those same words
"Now Behold"


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