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Each day I come closer to the reality of life

My world is changing beneath my soul

Wild thoughts run through me, anxious and nervous

I feel as if it’s all a test, just to see if I survive

Why must He test me now? I wasn’t prepared; I wasn’t ready.

Thing is, I didn’t realize that this was His way of making me stronger

Mentally, I’m here; physically, I’m weak

God please be on my side, I want to fulfill my destiny

Looking toward the future, I see hard work and dedication

But, at the top, who is going to be there with me?

My God is awesome, and I know He watches over me

Protecting me from the monstrosities of life

He holds me

Looking up to You, speaking my heart through song

Singing You’re awesome, but still doing wrong

Trying to please reality

But the reality is pleasing Him

Living life the right way, so I can fly free

Praying one day, I will fulfill His plan for me

He is omnipotent, all knowing to heaven and earth

I just pray that my awesome God judges me for my good work.


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