A Prayer...

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 17:35 -- Bernice


Oh lord I say.

Who's going to ever help me with my insecurities?

I go through hell every night.

The demons..the company I dont need.

They're attacking oh father.


Say a word for me...

I beg...please.

Father, you remember the night?

I was fully asleep.

Did you see who molested me?


I didnt oh father.

I felt a touch I shouldn't have felt.

I felt the slaps that were too heavy.

I cried and I cried.

Nobody was home.


You were watching God.

Is the man in jail?

Did I receive justice?

I don't want to tell my parents.

They'll think im lying.


I'm crazy or....or...

Father...are you listening?

I said they'll think I'm crazy.

Am I crazy Father?

Why am I on Earth?


I fuss and argue with these demons day and night.

When will it ever stop?

When will I receive peace?

I pray Oh Father.

I pray...


I pray that you're listening.

Serve a miracle for me.

I've become very insecure.

I need your help.

I need you Oh Father.

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