Heaven Sent

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 20:41 -- mrosa23

I love you.

I love you muttering your religion into my ear,

“Oh, God. Oh, Jesus, Maya.”

I love the gap in your teeth and how it feels when my tongue bumps over it.

I love that little cave-in of your chest; it whispers “home” to me and echoes all the pain I felt before I found you. The gold in all your hairs and clarity of your eyes leaves me breathless.

You must be a miracle, completely wondrous.

Your shaking body resting on mine, the cracks in your softly singing voice are enough to make me believe in your parents’ God.

You’re heaven sent. 

My breath catches in my chest when I look at you for too long.

I’ve never felt blessed until you loved me in all my damnation. 


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