Beauty is a state of mind

Sat, 06/21/2014 - 00:00 -- Bravo

Beauty is a state of mind

what state you livin' in?

when shawty broke my heart you were the one that mended it

back together

I never thought it'd be me and you

they say you can't have your cake and also eat it too

you can have it

what's mines is yours

we'll eat together

what we endeavor gets better as long as we don''t settle

push the petal to the metal 

what we drivin' for ? success and all that comes with it

that's what we strivin' for

keep our eyes on the Lord

and we'll be in his grace

seeking his face with amazement

the more we run the good race

a good pace, determination

those along with patience goes a long way

more endurance and less perspiration

the earths been waitin' the Lord devlivers

why should we give up with all the power and authority that jesus gives us

just keep on trusting don't rush in

before we wind up sinning

and i ain't tryna' lose baby

so let's get use to winning



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