Suffering of Reality


Negative thoughts

Leading to Emotional distraught

Making appearances that only seemed to be of neglect

Heartbroken to realize that people will never see you prosper

Your hard work neglected

Pushed to the bench because you’re not in the cause

Pushed to the peak of madness  

Ripping into your dreams

As you become your own worst enemy



Hearing my thoughts scramble as I become weaker

What I am to do

 With such a thing I love

Should I let it go?

Continue on my path of hatred

Or go back to what I original was before my pain  

The fear

Driving me on the path of failure

The regrets never get you anywhere

Stop thinking

 Just do it

You will never know what could have happened



As God gives me the strength

I make my own desire to pursue my dreams

My dreams are only a distance away

As I move in the order to obtain my dreams

Negative relations get in my way again

But now I conquer the negative

And I prosper to my dream

While they fall

I conquer the steps they took from me

I walk into to the distance and long onward

As I suffered

My dreams finally

Become my reality


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