Perfect Fit

Longing for hope ,

begging for more rope

to secure my hold ,

with every secret I've ever told

the rope never let's go

but with people- you never know . 

People are like a summer breeze ,

coming and going as they please .

Not aware of the hurt or the pain ,

or the hope or joy they drain .

They don't know about the 'thought' ,

or all the things we've fought .

The don't know the pain we overcame ,

just a face and a name .

The pain still lingers though ,

even if I don't let it show .

I've masked the pain so long ,

in a sense it makes me strong .

You'd never guess ,

I curse myself when I dressed 

I cringe when I see me

because I know I'm a phony .

I am literally 98% fake ,

give or take .

I am my own mystery ,

I will never be clear to me .

Even what I feel ,

isn't real .

I know I need to surrender ,

but my fears will not hinder .

I am far beyond repair ,

I have sheard and tear .

"Oh , but my dear , you're wrong !

Your chains are gone ,

flea your prision cell !

Get up - you've been made well !

You are the love of my life ,

my bride - my wife .

You are Mine , and I am yours .

Stop fighting all of these wars . 

Have I not won them all ?

Have I never answered your call ?

Am I not God ? Not the King ?

Have I died for nothing ?

No quite the opposite !

It was a perfect fit !

Do you understand the pain or hurt 

to throw my only Son to the dirt ?

To watch Him in agony -

falling to His very knee

with the heavy cross on His back ,

love for you I never lacked . "

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