Do It For God

We are all unique, different colors we each display

And that means we can each serve the Lord in our own special way

Those of you who are missionaries spread God's word

No matter what you face continue on undeterred

Those of you who sing with voices melodious and pure

Sing of God's praises and love, let your spirits soar

Those of you who are artists, paint the colors of the vast horizon, and the beautiful distant lands

Show everyone what God created with His very hands

If you are a writer or poet, tell stories of heroes who fight and win

But let us never forget our greatest hero, the one who saved us from sin

If you are or were a soldier who went to war full of pride

May you be saluted for your bravery, and trusting that God was at your side

Those of you who are teachers molding young minds

Teach them that even when they're in a low place, God won't leave them behind

So I say to all of you, no matter who you are or what you do

As you live your lives let people see God through you 

So no matter if your gift is teaching, music, being a soldier, or a parent no matter what you do

Do it for God because that gift He gave you


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