Perfect sunkissed moonlight hides the lines of my imperfection

If you really knew my every thought, would you still love me?

Sometimes all that keeps me alive is you and your reflection

Dying to survive, I live encapsulated in broken moments


But if moonlight can shine perfectly sunkissed

Can't I hide the masterpiece of my brokenness?

My thoughts don't truly need to be known

Just say you love me and hold me close.


I'm just a moonlit ray on that dark cloudless night

Not the whole brilliant moon at once

Forgive my inability to simply shine right

For only dreamers truly believe in perfection


But I guess that makes me one

You've made made me a dreamer; a believer

And one day I hope to return the favor

Because you are always there, believing that I am flawless


You write upon my heart stories of beauty

Stories simply waiting to be read by those who know me

The lines of imperfection are just stories, truly

And of course, those too are inked with love


If I am saturated in your pure affection

What's to fear about sharing a few dusty chapters in my story?



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