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i am
disenchanted i don’t
care about your world
of illusions

with its love that
isn’t; it’s just

lustful, conditions permitting; love is
loyalty. coiled souls while
one is uncoiling.

i am
disenchanted with your
dollar-cream-bacon-cheddar daily grizzle
i know you just wanna be a happy meal little
man, but the nature of a feeling is that it comes
and it fizzles. you pursue happiness, i pursue
peace and i don’t need a dollar menu to eat. my soul’s
been fed, you can be on your slave labor i’ll be
on my purpose instead.

i am
disenchanted with the worship of gods
television and other people. as soon as
you get home you watch a talk show and
absorb the hollywood bullshit credo. whoopi
goldberg, ellen dengeres, sean hannity and
bill maher; y’all laugh and dance and politic
while the poor starve and poor unsuspecting
souls fall victim to the US army’s death march.

i am
disenchanted with teen moms and fucking
and dicksucking and 69s and missionary style
and sexsexsex. you can’t guarantee your kids
a better future; you couldn’t even control the
destiny of your pants. would they stay up? naw,
your libido called. can your raise your kid up? naw,
but that’s the government’s job, so i probably
shouldn’t drawl.

i am
disenchanted with your enchantment with
certain music, check the message in the songs
before you groove to it; this is captain obvious
speaking, you’ll see that it’s wack, over and out
to captain stupid. i know you like nicki minaj
and lady whatsherface; that’s your miseducation.
so i really wish lauryn hill would come back
and take their place.

i am
disenchanted with your obsession with your
own “problems” like you’re not a size zero
and that guy or girl don’t like you and whatever.
did you know that the medical establishment is
run by the sons of satan, or that the minimum
wage is lower than what it was, adjusted for inflation?
did you know that the college system is a scam
meant to create indentured workers, so lenders
can make profits while you’re in debt as an apple
bees server?

but continue with ‘OMgah, my boyfriend’ and the
daily wackness.

i am
disenchanted with the fact that you think we
live in a democracy, when the country’s clearly
fascist. the government’s selling jails to corporations,
who in turn charge the government a daily rate
of fifty plus bucks per prisoner; if you didn’t catch it.
the more oppressive the laws are, the more arrests can
be made the more money the jails make. that logic
is a little ratchet.

i am
disenchanted with the lack of progress and
your part in it. the stars are our limits, supposedly
so i’m supposing you need a can or two of spinach
to get started. get on that starship, trooper. read
a book or seek a tutor, take the time to take
a step forward and not just masturbate at your computer.

i am

and i know you’re
disenchanted with yourself; and
you can lie but your words will be betrayed
by your missteps, misguided actions and antics.



As I sit here, reading this poem in my school's library right before my next class, I have felt the need to snap and shout "word" at every single line I've read. This poem. God. This poem is amazing! Sparks, you are so gifted! This is a slam poem if I've every read or heard one.

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