Where is Heaven?

No matter how much I express myself

and people sympathize to understand,

there's still that part of me that's

never really known.

All alone.

It craves to have light shed upon it,

and I could just scream to have it all undone.

Maybe God is the only one.

But sometimes my God is lonely too,

in my mind, however kind.

Maybe my God cries too.

Maybe God takes all the pains of the world and is actually overwhelmed.

Or maybe I'm underestimating Him.

Maybe heaven is really a place where our darkness disappears.

Where there is no worry at all.

Just calm peace,

where that little piece of you that

was never understood is suddenly known.

A universal connection.

An everlasting agreement.

We all enter the divine place, fall on our knees and weep in joy,

let out a sigh,

the last sigh of utter relief and submission,

and look right into each other's eyes, and nod.



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