After all these years,

my feelings for you have only increased.

All the many tears

and emotions that never ceased.


You were my first.

Yes, I know

I broke your heart and now it seems I’m cursed

with a love that only I show.


I’m deeply in love with you.

It’s been four years,

and I already gave you a cue,

but my confession didn’t shift any gears.


Why must you do this to me?

All you said was that you didn’t know;

that gave me hope you see,

but your actions seem colder than snow.


I miss you so much.

I’m not dumb,

and you have a grudge

that makes your heart be numb. 


Please open your eyes,

or be mean.

After all, you don’t have to be nice;

just tell me the truth


My family reminds me of you all the time.

They expect us to end up together some day.

I don’t have the guts to tell them you’re not mine

because I know what they’ll say.


They won’t understand me.

They’ll call you a jerk.

They just won’t see

that I am to blame for this work. 


For now I’ll just keep being patient. 

God knows what He’s doing,

And I shall not question Him

For He is all-knowing.


Maybe we’re just not meant to be

Maybe God has someone else that will be good to me

All of this, will be revealed

At His time and His will.



this was sooooo good, you hit many emotions for me keep it up please.


I just saw this comment. I really do hope that whatever you were going through was fixed and that your heart was healed. (:

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