Forbidden by: Jaay Dee Kayy

I got a lot of potential, but I just can't seem to break the seam,

Greatness gleams as I step on the scene, a prodigy,

Prolly mean that the product of me is God in me times a part of me,

But pardon me, people think the world has a part in the,

Afterlife, but after life, you can't partake in the tree,

If you living full of sin, bent over Lucifer's knee,

Then you'll be just like Adam and Eve,

Never seeing Paradise, decisions made in a blink,

Just to get a little taste and bite something sweet,

Against the God that made perfection a day short of the week,

Now it's forever in a day before You shine on me;

Forbidden love, forbidden lust,  a forbidden treat,

Forbidden touch, forbidden fruit, falls from forbidden trees,

But that's the truth, and no one cares, so enough about me,

Tell me how you think you'll make it onto those golden streets?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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