Save The Day My Friend

trigger touch 

to end a life 

throw a punch 

or grab a knife 

but why tell me why?

is it so you feel alive?

or is it because you hate goodbyes?

well look me, look  into my eyes

and listen closely to my reply

to end it IS to say goodbye 

and I don't want my friend to die

so please oh please just tell me why 

is it because you can no longer cry?

or do your own thoughts horrify?

and you dunno if God loves you enough to let you retry?

well He will. and He does

your soul He'll purify 

because I know He loves 

you, just like I do 

so tell me friend

are you okay?

it's not the end

let Him save the day


This poem is about: 
My family



listening to 3 HOURS relaxing celtic music


You are an awesome poet.


thank you so much!

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