Guilt Stains


Stained hands and I'm guilty
Lookin to the sky like 
Lord can you hear me
Dunno what to do when I'm pushed in the corner
Can't fight back cuz 
I ain't got order
What lead me to be standing here this way?
Fallin to my knees,
Open my mouth and pray
Floodgates of tears on my cheeks like acid
All the remorse of 
My heart is plastered
Posted on my face so the world can see 
I don't deserve His love but
My god used me!
That was back then now the crimson is washed 
Cleansed by his scarlet blood making me brand new
Which brings me to the reason He brought me to you
This is a special message to the torn and lost
Leave your past behind you,
Freeze it like Jack Frost
Walk away from death and take a step toward life
He's the one
Who will help you through strife
I know it may be scary but he'll see you through
Can't even begin to express
The mighty things he'll do


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