Ours & His - Word, Love and Actions

Ours & His - Word, Actions and Love


Our Words
Are thought expressed 
Within the contacts 
Of our heart's intent

Our Word
A manifestation 
That reveals 
Our spiritual condition
The humans friction 
Between good and evil
A piercing to our emotions

Our Words
We either speak 
To please 
To deceive 
A blessing 
Or filled with profanity

Our Words
Are a part of you
They stick like gum to a shoe
Freely they are used
Floating around like a balloon 
Careless and playfully like a cartoon
No clue
Of its true

Our Love
It Hurts
It could bring us together 
Or rip us apart
We need maintenance to our hearts 
Like a broken car 
It has lose part

Our Love
Is blind
Yes that’s right
We only like 
What we see with our eyes 
Don’t care to hear the truth inside

Our Love
Understanding of it is wrong 
With sin, it’s clogged
We toss it around like a ping pong ball 
Always hitting a wall

Our Love
Its moral attribute
With self-confused 
Everything to gain and nothing to lose 
It's the opposite
Everything to lose and nothing to gain 
We have to stop playing that mind game

Our Actions
Is a reaction 
To the attachment 
Of our mental process

Our Actions 
Our behavior 
In labor 
Towards what we favor
Self pleasure 
Who cares about our neighbor? 
It’s the law that we find better

Our Actions
Or an accident
It was motivated 
By sin Influence 
Either by self or spiritual darkness 
Still, have to face the consequence

Our Actions
More evil than goodness


His Word
The unseen and makes 
The physical state

His Word 
It's not like ours 
For creation is showered 
Sustained by its power
Throughout histories hours 
It’s been strong like a fortressed tower

His Word
Doesn't change
Always Remains 
The same
It's not to entertain 
But to heal our pain 
For our very being is sustained 
By the fulfillment of its grace

His Word
Is true
Holding past, present, and future like glue
its track record not new
Nothing to prove
Always alive never on mute 
Let it consume 

His Love
Is not random 
Nor can it be fathom 
Molded by those hands
So that we can all become 
His daughter's and sons 
Right were we belong

His Love 
Is pure
The Cure 
The rescue 
To our emotional insecure
In its wing of mercy, we are secure

His Love
The human joy
From its core

His Love
Not an imagination 
But arms of affirmation 
To All person
With no divisions

His Actions 
In Him
Who died on the cross?
For you and me
Can not deny
Just the need
To believe

His Actions
Sins forgiveness 
Life redemption
Brought out of darkness 

His Actions
Against all evil devices 
To protect our life
Day or night

His Actions 
Eternal judge 
For all, we have done 
Saved in Christ the one
That died for our wrongs 
So we will not be condemned 
Let’s not wait until the end
Embrace Him as a father and as a friend

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