I See God


Sitting in a building full of loud helpless souls searching for their future like indiana jones for the lost treasure

i find my head continuing to rise

it rises to what you may see as a sheet of wood plaster and paint

its rises to what i see as God.


Sitting on the broken dreams and lifeless bodies of my ancestors

the gateway to the most shameful past imaginable or the Ground as u may call it

i find my head continuing to rise

it rises to an array of colors used to mesmerize the adolescent mind for years

it rises to that huge book that holds all the wishes and dreams that we made so recklessly

the home to not only the consultations but my God


Sitting in a metal box designed for death that just happened to come with straps of broken hopes that make u feel a tad safer than a turtle without a shell

i find my head continuing to rise

it rises to that thing you call a roof

or a Robust obstruction of faith as i call it

for one with the utmost adulation of the lord

would see it as God anyways


i see God everywhere.

at school, outside, even in the car

but the one place i never have seen God

is in the shadow of my Glory

for the lord moves when

the arthritis of pain has broken us down to nothing more than a crying puddle of faith

for that is when one truly sees the lord

when one's head truly rises to be anointed with the sweetest feeling to ever bless a soul

that's when one truly sees God.

not a Robust Obstruction Of faith

but God.

not The SubSolar Keratoma of Youth

but God.


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