bow to no one 

until courage becomes you

howl at the moon

because no one can stop you

fall from the sky

because up is now down

learn how to fly 

don't just stay on the ground 

like a fox is sly,

you learn what you've found 

but when alone you sigh 

as the nightmares slowly pound

continually you ask yourself "why?"

but you can barely hear the sound 

your gravestone says goodbye

while inside you slowly drown 

you can do nothing but comply 

while all your fears surround 

but instead of obeying you reply 

"my chains have been unbound "

I am no longer shy 

and though I was downed 

what I finally found 

made up for the loss, it astounds 

and I am no longer beaten to the ground 

as your love carries, it abounds 

and you healed my wounds

I tell the story, that You were crowned 







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