If time could be rewound, I would rewind ten years past

To see you one more time, and tell you what you’ve missed

I know you’re up there somewhere

Out of sight

But I want to hear your voice, I want a kiss goodnight

Your laughter is what I miss the most

So joyful and so light

Like honey from the bees hive, the sweet memories sting

If there’s one thing I regret the most

It’s not telling you goodbye

You left so soon, so suddenly

The thought never crossed my mind

I’d love to know how heaven is, what is it truly like?

Can you see the moon from there?

Is it ever night?

Can you see me on Earth, or hear me sing our songs

Do you have angel wings, and a halo full of light?

There are so many questions I’d like to ask but I would like to know just one more thing

Are you watching over me? Because right now, the only time I see your face

Is in pictures and in my dreams

If time could ever be rewound

I would rewind back ten years

So I could be held in your arms

And beg you not to go

I’d ask you stay or take me with you

And of course you’d tell me “no”

To see you smile would be enough

For me to let you go,

 I’ll dry my eyes, I’ll wipe my tears

But I just want to let you know

To hear you laugh I’d be on cloud nine

That just comes to show

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

because you can’t turn back time


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