God will only find you

God will only find you in death,

Your life won't matter to him.

The help that you expect

Is shortcoming with every breath.


I had a dream nothing mattered,

Time just plays with us

And there's no hope in sight.


From now you can scream

From your living grave

But nobody's going to hear.


Even if they did, who would care?

Who would dare

To murder the god that made us this way.


Wiping out our existence

Won't kill our gods.


Sitting on their golden throne blind,

All hope ruined for the mankind...


I've got a clock ticking 

Under my skin

And it's so loud.

How long before I'm dust,

Before I surrender all

(To the unknown).


Counting down the days

There's nothing to do

To silence this nearing dread.

A glimpse of a fleeting life

Sits in the corner of my eye.

I call upon the enemies of god, 

but they only have the same job.




I absolutely love this...

I wrote something similar just the other day, if you want to check it out.  We have some of the same goals, apparently.  Your writing really hits different, wonderful job!  The best pieces make you think.

"Why I Am No Longer Safe (a goodbye to my guardian angel)"

:) good vibes sent your way

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