80 Lbings (80 Poundings)


I hate that losing weight boosted my self confidence.
So a good diet could do something that God couldn't?
So the creator of the universe can look at me,
See all of my flaws, all of my mistakes.
He looks at me, unable to save myself.
He dies for me.
A man once taught me,
"The worth of something is determined by how much people are willing to pay for it"
God paid the price of his life.
And I could dare look in the mirror and feel disgusted?
What's worse is that my worth sky rockets when I catch a cute girl staring
Is her glance worth more to me than the blood of God?
I've been warned.
Don't chase vanity, it will never satisfy you.
Only God can satisfy you.
What's frightening is that like CS Lewis once said,
We are too easily satisfied.
So with every pound lost, I want to pound the floor,
I ask God,
"Why am I content?
Am I so sick in sin that I find my foolishness is sufficient?
When she didn't notice me, and you were all I had,
Why didn't you satisfy me?"
I don't want to be content if I'm not content in you.
Lord, dissatisfy me in my vanity so that you may satisfy me.


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