Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

Fri, 05/09/2014 - 03:39 -- EAnders

A tattered old man from the east approached

Spouting words of a God I'd never known

Doubts built a dam of fragile little sticks

Carried down stream when he whispered this-

"Your heart was broken and you walked away-"

"-you carry the weight of the weak today-"

"-heart beating strong, despite the rain-"

"-you're a good man, each and every day."

Con men say what we need to hear

But before I turned, he'd quelled my fears

From a wolf in the flock, to a kind old man

To enigma who knew what I'd never said 

"Sara-" he spoke, "-was once your world-"

"-stripped away by the great unknown-"

"-choices good, unclear and wrong-"

"-littered the trail you both walked on."

I froze and thought how could he know?

He smiled and said "He told me so"

Still I knew it couldn't be

That a god could live and speak to me

I forgive, let go, and carry on

I love each moment before it's gone

If words were wings, they'd set us free

I'd float up high and reach the sun

If God did speak, it'd be in song

In the silence as you rest in your lover's arms

Sung in the hiss of the sighing trees

And in the song of the roaring sea

I asked at last "how could you know-"

But before I spoke, the man was gone

A moment passed, but I found myself

On a road not walked, and in silent song







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