Modern War of The Morrigan

The Morrigan was found from olden days,

To be from the tribe of Celtic haze,

Worshipped for strength and war,

She was the goddess of gore.


Though many of years have since passed,

Now the days run long,

She is found on the battlefield still,

Marching right along.


A soldier would be The Morrigan,

She can’t leave such ties behind,

Instead she shall work with new weaponry,

And continue to keep her people alive.


While other gods will laze about,

The Morrigan will not take such route,

Instead she shall forever reign,

A soldier and warrior without a doubt.


Whether she fights for England,

America or France,

The Morrigan will find no loss of breath,

Unless it be of those against.


The Morrigan is a force to oppose,

And even in modern day,

The Goddess will continue her reign,

Until bloodshed is no longer the way.

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My country
Our world
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first poem thanks lol

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