Scholarship Winners

Power Poetry has awarded scholarships to awesome poets since 2012. Check out previous scholarship slam winners to be impressed and, hopefully, inspired.

Glow-Up, Grow Up Scholarship Slam

Earthshine Animal Crackers - Mackenzie Riley


Fight the Fear Scholarship Slam

Here's Looking at You (Kid) - Anna Genda


O Captain, My Captain

The Monster Under My Bed - Piper Cooperrider Young


The Hate U Give (THUG)

Poetry Category: The Fence Between Us - Josselyn Cervantes

Visual Art Category: Voice as Weapon of Choice - Anna Colleen Miller

Film Category: This is America - Tiyee La Mar

Film Category (Secondary): Memories Don't Die - Classroom

Music Category: The Hate U Give THUG Slam - Patriana Vickers


Learn Between the Lines

Poets - Connor Rodenbeck


Life in a Letter

Dear Hunter - Makayla Roberts


Once Upon a Poem

If Only Ursula Were Pretty - Gianelle Gregorio


Because I Love You

Broken Love, Better Love - Quincy Balius


America the Great?!

Dear Mr. America - Madison Heggins


My Year in Poetry

Diem Carpe - Rosalie Joy C. Pira


Feelin' Good

My VoiceAde Olu-Ajeigbe


Greet the Day

Taller and Higher - Justine Ramos


You, Me, and Poetry

Message on the Water - Stephanie Gagnon


All I Need

I Thought it was You, But Now it's Just a Boat - Samantha Mah


I Am...

My World of Different - Margo McManus


Everything is Awesome

Grades Body Moving - Tori Meyer



This Poem Must be Tap Water 'Cause it's Unfiltered - Nina Donovan



Crafty - Cameron Vest


Twist and Shout

Laundry Day - Alexa Vasquez


Slam Behind the Curtain

Bias - Julian Colón


To Be Heard

Spilled Ink - Shiane Salabie


Speak Your Mind

Land of the Free? - Lovette McCloud


One Job...May Change My Life

Healing HandsKeila Buthman


What Would You Change?

5TUD3NT - Cameron Leahy



[there is no such thing] - Sarah Bothner


It's All Up to You

Asians Can't Drive - Lyanne Teopaco


Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher

3.95 - Sierra Lindsay


Why I Write

My Language - Harlyn Juarez


Slam What You Will

Autumn's Child - Teva Mayer


Scholarship Slam on Civil Rights

INTEGRATION - Lauren Coleman


Film Your Voice

Thank You for Taking Me to the Library - Ariana Brown


The Power Poetry Scholarship Slam

Angels Made of Charcoal Outlines - Stephanie Itiola Jones