Sweeter Than Money

It'd make sense to sell books filled with psalms our love has inspired.
Profit from the nonstop poems venting the glories I admired,
But it's not worth a dime , not even a dollar,
Exceeds the lottery ticket that'll make you holler.
This gold's priceless when it comes to money;
Our love's a pleasure; Sweeter than honey
Seeping from the hive,
Buzzing and humming; its alive!
Flowing and smooth but it comes with a sting...
Listen, listen, and hear my Warning!

We seem to be stargazers, the way we beam,
Captivated in the cages of some wild dream,
But we are alert and fierce
with our stingers ready to pierce
the foe that comes against to steal kill or destroy
Yeah, she's only a girl and I'm just her shepard boy,
Scrawny and young with slingshot and stone,
I'm shooting a giant, but I don't sling alone;
Our God directs the stone with his divinity;
We don't follow ourselves, we trust the Trinity.

His army is our people, we fight and pray!
This is life for us, That's all I must say.
Think twice before attack;
Dont be a fight, just relax.
Watch our love, learn and grow,
A precious gold, see it flow
Just like honey, Oozing from it's hive,
A higher prize than money, its buzzing and alive.
Don't settle for mere dollars, or even compete;
Love makes me rich, and its much more sweet.


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