Dear God,

There's no easy place to start. I have grown up all my life knowing who you are, where you are, how you got here, and any question about you I pretty much knew the answer to. But now I'm stuck. Life got hard and it got harder to find you. I have been looking everywhere. I try to talk, to pray, to participate in mass but I can not seem to find the one thing I always knew how to locate. You have carried me through my brightest and darkest days but the days that are just dim it's a struggle to see you there and I can't find the reason why. On my good days, I see you everywhere but something is still missing. On my bad days, I see you carrying me through but something is still missing. I digress to the time I felt like my whole world was ending and I think I lost part of me that day. Which in turn I lost part of you. I try to recreate my life before that day or recreate an even better life from after that day but I'm still lost. I know you can hear me and I also know you would only give me what I can handle. But I am struggling. I know somewhere you are still close by but days get hard and I need the to know the reason why. I am here, I am here patiently waiting for you to come to me.




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