God Gives Me the Courage

If I had no filter, would I be afraid?

Would I tell you about all the good or all the evil comments I have made?

Would I show my true self or something different?

Would I be in the same place that I am currently living in?

Thanks to God I am not afraid of what I am,

Because He is always guiding me by the hand.

If you want to see an authentic version of me,

You’ll see God too because He’ll be there even when I am 103.

Thanks to Him, I can feel confident that I portray something authentic

Even when the voices in my head say that I’m lying and I’m pathetic.

I am a teen, stuck in between, a life that’s sometimes nice and sometimes mean.

But in the end God is with me, and I can smile happily.

Through His grace I’ll have his Spirit, friends, family, and soccer which I love

And I will be able to lift His name above.

So go ahead, take the filters of one by one,

Look at me smiling, and having fun,

Because it was me all along,

The filters have nothing to hide,

I hope that you’ll find your authentic self too, and come along for the ride.

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My family
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