..And the greatest of these..


Love is not cantankerous, nor aloofness

It is not easily provoked nor angered

Love is not pugnacious, nor stubbornness

It is not self-seeking, nor self-centered


Love won't rely on how one is acting

It is not excitement nor emotions

Love does not rely on financial standing

It is not the measurable satisfactions


Love is not pretentious so “peace” prolong

It does not need money to feel true bliss

Love never would keep records of wrong

 It does not harbor anger, nor waveless


True love is eternal. it would not fall

It survives precarious conditions

Love could destroy any baneful walls

It prevails over adverse situations


Love always sacrifice, it is selfless

It thinks about others before oneself

Love is forgiving, it is humbleness

It takes responsibility for itself


Love will be patient, it will say sorry

It is full of kind thoughts, to strive and thrive

Love respects, trusts, hopes, it is honesty

It will commits, inspiring us to be kind


Love is always the business of men

It makes him put away his childishness

Love leads his family, drive him to defend

It helps him embrace his dutifulness


Love is the core of masculinity

It transforms men to be tenacious

Love can't be defined more powerfully

It is the Man who was most courageous


Love is made full by Christ, He is true love

It is nails in His hands, thorns on His head

Love is when He died, to show us God's Love

It is Him being hanged for us, had bled


True love – the Holy Trinity Himself

It is when you die, only remains – love

True love – you need personally yourself

It is always time to learn – perfect love


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