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Everyday there is an uphill battle,

I face them heart on with my hardest tackle.

It's so easy to just go with the flow,

When people are inviting you for trouble, how do you say no?

Is it the devil that pulls you in?

You say "No", but the Devil whispers, "GIVE IN!"

You want to fit in and you want to have "fun",

but that's not God's plan, you can't help it, what's done is done.

I need help to do the right thing,

I'm a good person but some of my actions are not showing the same!

I think...what would my mentors and the people who look up to me say?

That they love me and that there is a different way.

Sometimes I dislike that God gives us free will,

I would completely obey and not wonder if He loves me the same still.

God's love should be enough for me,

Even though everyday I fail, he succeeds me!

I'm tired of caring for the wrong guy,

I know people who love want the best for me, so settling for less...why?

Why would I let a guy invade my space?

It seems like almost everyone has done it and I'm sitting here telling myself if I take this Sample, it won't hurt if I have a taste.

Oh! But I'm a fool to think that,

Letting a guy touch here and there and not say "Stop that!"

I know it'd be wrong to repent,

Because I know the same thing will happen again.

I just want that man who has that touch for every aspect,

Who will respect,

Me and insure my life like Aflac.

We don't have to get together now or today,

I just need him to keep me accountable and help me keep my life living in God, for my own sake.

I know I have girl friends but they have their own lives,

Sometimes I just want to fast forward to the time when I'm a mother and a happy wife.

I want that Godly high,

Without having to go to a mentor or pastor, just want it to be God and I.

Why is that so hard for me?!

God gave me eyes and still I act as if I can't see!

I'm so grateful that God is so patient and kind,

He deserves ALL of me and more than what I'm giving Him with my time.

Jesus had time to die on the cross for me!

Everyday I convict myself for not giving God the "time of day".

I know God has a forgiving heart,

Even though I haven't hit rock bottom, I know I've done wrong and still God loves me the same as He did from the start.

Lord please help me stay in your light,

Make your vision known to me, 20/20, give me some insight!

I want you more, the more I do wrong!

It shouldn't be like this, I should want you unconditionally, just you alone!

Help me guard my precious heart,

I know it's big and pumps so hard, the beat sould be a hit on the charts.

Give me strength to stand up for my body and my pearl,

I know I can have that love story when the acca-boy meets me, the acca-girl,And we have acca-children and it'll be inevitable!

Help me love you and live for you the same way you did for me,

I'll always know how much you care because,

"Yes Jesus loves me 

 Yes Jesus loves me 

 Yes Jesus loves me 

 For the bible tells me so."


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