All I need is my God

Sun, 01/17/2016 - 13:48 -- allinav

-Everything is god, a hard concept to grasp.

-To be able to fully understand this means letting go of everything you thought you understood.

-This means letting go of your preconceived knowledge on "how the world works".

-Letting go to get somewhere new is funny.

-It's hard to believe that being upset now doesn't matter because joy cometh in the morning.

-It's hard to look towards the hill from which cometh thine help when thine eyes are blurred from the tears that flood.

-It's hard to let go of the fear that comes within the night when darkness is the bosom of the evil doers.

-It's hard to walketh by faith, believing without seeing, when just as soon as you turn your head something goes awry.

-It's hard to hold on when the storm comes in gusts ne'er close to a merciful cessation.

-When the darkness is where you cry and where you ponder if what you knew is all lies.

-Where you find yourself again on your bruised knees calling out that name, Yah, because in Him is strength.

-Even though you question how and why you know it'll come.

-And yet even in that hope of the fruition of an ancient  promise you find it hard to be patient even for an On time God.

-Everything is god, a hard concept to grasp.

-To be able to fully understand this means letting go of your preconceived notions of how I will make this work.  

-Letting go to get to somewhere new is funny huh?

-But there is no doubt that in the morning your joy always lies.

-No way you can deny that when you cry out "Jesus!" the earth will shake.

-Who can hide from the light of the world?

-Partaking of the fruit of faithfulness and walking in the spirit of God is being in the center of his perfect will.


-El Elion.

-The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, living, and loving God breathes,

-and with that breath flows life evermore.

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