Be Still


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It’s a thick pain coming from within my chest, my heart is crying out, wanting this torment to end, my womanhood I defend, as I feel the lump in my breast, as my fingertips I press against, the reason for my stress, and depressed is not the word, to lament is what I yearn, and as my days become more blurred, it seems my prayers go unheard

This disease is so absurd, from life itself I am deterred, only shame covers my hurt, when others pity this flightless bird, to my reflection I am humbled, where once stood a strong woman, I see walls that crumble, mumble when I speak, tumble when I walk the streets, I’m not that woman of high self esteem, that in the photographs laughs at me, the fiery passion of what could be, has all but died and left debris, unbreakable to the human eye I seemed, but the soul within me cries out “ PLEASE!!!!” Take this curse from me, but silence replies, and inside I freeze, cold becomes my heart, in bitterness I fall apart, but something lingers in my heart

Yes something lingers and its strong, something I abandoned for so long, and its disguised as a hopeful song, pouring from my lips, I can’t hold on, I can’t contain the tears, this joy I must prolong, and faith captures me inside, what I was missing all along, but they claim that I am wrong, that miracles do not exist, but I know now to be strong, and with my faith I will persist, for the doctors do not know the God, who heard the prayers from my lips, and with all my strength I will resist, and let the world remember this, that I will be still and know He is God, my Redeemer, my Healer, and HE STILL LIVES!


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