I want to talk about Black Entertainment Television.

To discuss and describe the implements of incidents

that my people look up to as stardom.


We turn on the television to find our favorite male rap artist,

most popular R&B singer, or funniest comedian on the big screen.


So enthralled by the falsifications of humanized idolisms,

that we are not allowing ourselves to see through those overpriced,

and overrated ray ban sun glasses.


We need to investigate what’s really taking place.


Pay closer attention to how they curse in Lucifer’s

name while embodying to know Christ by wearing His symbol on a chain.


Who is really saved?


None but ONE will ever truly know,


and yet we follow blindly behind them anyway,

me, and my black sisters, and my black brothers.


As if they can do no wrong, or commit no evil.

We hold them beyond human standard, and in legions we treat them as if they are

God or should I say “hovah” himself.


Supporting the industries paradox when we buy what they buy,

say what they say, and wear what they wear.

We remain ignorant of the truly misguided and

soulless effect of those actions on our own people.


So I want to talk about Black Entertainment Television


And how it is time to view things as they truly are.


It is time to choose a role model FROM your own community, so

That you can be a role model IN your own community.


It is time for our culture to indulge entertainment differently,

from a perspective of betterment.


It is time to educate and be decisive about what we are allowing into the messages

And souls of our own generation and generations to come.


Because these messages,

they will have an impression lasting longer than any

form of momentary satisfaction we feel by watching,

Black Entertainment Television. 


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