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I listen to You speak,
And I know You’re with me.
I’ve been rescued from the peak
And from the unending sea.

It’s not easy at all
But I keep going on
Without You is like being lost at the mall
For You love me tons

Lord I’d do anything for you
‘Cuz your love is so amazing
I want You to speak to me forever
Each word You say just makes me more clever

When Your voice speaks it is like a roar
And the Devil must fear
He can’t do more
To make us go rear

The gates of hell will shake
Due to all the things You’re about to send
Your power is not fake
But many hearts it can amend

You are the Voice
The only voice that heals
Following You is our choice
But without You’s like having no meals

I want You to come
To my city and change lives
Lots of pain are in some

The Devil is so dumb
If he thinks he can defeat
The most powerful of all

I surrender on to You
Speak to me and tell me what to do
I’m Your child
And without You it’s so mild

I’ll listen to You God
For my world with You can’t be odd


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