String Theory

He touched my hand and it felt like fire-

Burning, hot, sweet desire,

He meant the world.


He meant the world when he said he

Would give me anything I wanted

He meant- anything to keep me there.


Her smile is like a thousand suns-

Loving, warm, overbearing, and quick to scold

But present always with hands to hold,


And a love wrapped in blankets

hanging by cosmic strings.


He came to me in a time of confusion

My eyes focused on Him and a grander illusion-

Or maybe not, I still don’t know.


I do know that I look to Him in times of need

A struggle brings the need for another

The need is still present even when I am under.


The sound of her laugh brings me immediate joy-

I’m taken aback by the face of that boy-

My mother is all that there’s been through the trials-

God is not here, but He’s here all the while


And I’m here

And I’m waiting, anticipating-

Awaiting a love that will take all the others

And wrap them together and show me a lover,

A friend,

A mother,

A father,

A teacher,

A brother-


Another reason I can’t live without love.

Another reason I won’t even bother.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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