Christmas Love Poem

Sat, 01/13/2018 - 12:50 -- Neftee

Stars in the night

Shepherds and
wise men saw the star,
That let them to the king of all

In my disbelief I chase the tail
Of commits and other peices of junk in the sky.
Scrap metal,
I follow it to pass the time.
I pray to the God in the nebula
Cause the one who made it seems to scary to believe in.
But you do.
You are my star
in the night sky
The one that leads to him.
He holds our hearts
At a stalemate
But he won't let me win
Lead me to him with my hand in yours.
The water that I'll choose to drink.
You who's faith is stronger then mine.
I promise you I will fall
I do more everyday
This God of yours is strong.
I know that I am weak
But you make that seem ok.
My star
My star,
Please light my way.


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