So we are going to talk about relationship...

Nowadays most of the youth wants to be in a relationship, but they don’t even know why. I think they want it so badly because all their friends and the people around them are having one..or more.


And some of the girls are even ending up being a (…) They don’t want that kinda life anymore ! But something inside them is saying ignore it because your life will never be the same like before. Ignore it! Because you are just a (…) none wants to be with you anymore.


Another one decide to go into a liquor store and after that they go back for more and more.


Your friends are going the wrong way , cause they did what they did. And ended up doing everything around you. Like going into a store with a mindset to steal..


Instead of going to God and ask Him to heal you, fulfill you, empower you and multiply you in Jesus name. But you see life just like some kind of game..

Some of your friends are in a relationship..but they don’t even know the definition of a relation !
And you just don’t want to stay behind in this generation..


But one thing I know for sure! God will never give up on us! He loves us so much that He gave His only Son to the world..
Your relationship with God is the most important thing, so work on it!

Because He will never end the relationship, leave us behind or talk bad about us.


We are under construction! And God is restoring us.. so we can function the way He made us.

Our gifts within us will manifest so we can be the best of the best ! God is saving the best for last!


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