The Wanderer

Dark and angry is the day

The streets are empty

The sun shows not a ray

Sadness permeates the houses

Staring like empty tombs

Increasing the thickness of the gloom

I wander through the abyss



Where do I go?

On what do I gaze?

Do I keep walking

This endless maze?

On that faraway hill

The brightness remains

I know not the path

My soul screams in pain

If only, if only

At that hill I could arrive

I keep walking and walking

I'm losing my drive

The mud drags me down

The light disappears

To me, at least


I'm drug to the ground

Despair overwhelms me

"God, where are you,

Can't you see

I'm trying so hard for the light to reach."

Again, I plunge forward,

Doing good deeds

My shallow performance

Invisible to me


Again my soul pleads

Now to a different tune

"Oh Jesus, 

I can't do it on my own.

How is this life to be lived?

How is that light to me be shown?

I don't know you

but what I do know

I cannot do 

This life alone."

I fall to the ground

I can't arise

I wouldn't know

I don't try

Strong arms entwined me

I rest in peace

I trust my life

To the One who gives grace

I then hear

"Open your eyes

My child and see

The way you have been

Completely set free."

I gasp at the sight

For the first time

I am looking at light!

The hill is before me. 


It is what's on that hill

That catches my eye

Black as all black

Juxtaposed to the light

A Roman cross

Carries my plight

But no, I see it now

There is the grave

My soul cries in anguish

I look again

What is that I see?

Can it be?

The grave is empty!

And the words 

"He is not here, He is risen indeed!"


Oh how I loved Him

From that moment on

If He had not sought me

My soul would be lost

My life still is hard

But I no longer despair

My life now has purpose

Because I know He cares

No longer I walk

Surrounded by night

Instead, with great pleasure

I walk in the Light

In fields so green

With love so pure

And discipline so sweet

I couldn't imagine more

To be complete 

Of this it is certain

I have hope. I have peace. 












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