Jet Black

 To some people you are a threat. Much like the color jet black. When paired with the perfect flawless color white, the applause is never ending. Yet so Condescending. Bending back and forth waiting for the moment that you break. In half spewing out A never ending color wheel. Showing all the world the beauty and wonder that had been trapped within.   Sailing down the river of vanity, death and despair, not a single hair is misplaced. Your bones protrude like a sharp edged sword and your shoulders are pressed so far back that you could squeeze the penny for your thoughts. Except no one is interested in your thoughts. They are only interested in how you got so thin, who taught you how to do your hair and if your makeup is airbrushed Bc darling, your skin is flawless! The Captain Hook in your world shouts land ahoy!! Startled, shaken, maybe even a little stirred you stand still taking it all in.  You’ve finally made it safely on land. Gazing all around you, you notice that the once upon a time fairy tale cruise had ended. Feet buried deep in the quick sand. Not so quick was the trip. It was the slow and painful kind of death that was approaching. Choking and suffocating. They say the more you struggle, the quicker you become engulfed by the fear.  fear isn’t just a word. It becomes entangled in every fiber of our being. Woven throughout mistakes, rejections, shame, and guilt...but in utter disdain she smiles anyway. Knowing deep within that fear is a liar. It is a word the world uses to hold us back from becoming who God has created us to be.  Inhale and exhale the moment of truth. While Collecting your thoughts and feelings all scattered aloof. Remember that color jet black? It was not I, but an attack. An attack on who you thought you were. You see, I opened your heart to the truth. A fresh clean slate. A new identity kind of state. I picked up those pieces of your broken heart and I nailed them to the drifting wood you saw along the shore of your dreams. The water you once sailed on in a state of drunken ecstasy, became the very water that cleansed you from the sins against me. I took your hand and pulled you out of the quicksand knowing that in a drunken stupor you may willingly jump back in.  You see Bc of the sacrifice that’s been paid, you can let go of worrying about what it is that they say. No more fears, your father God will wipe away all your tears.

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