The Five Questions

I want to know why the sky is blueAnd why Death must come so soonWithout warning, life is dueBut not ever knowing why the sky is blue.   I want to know where the willows lie--Why their hearts can never dieAnd Mother Earth will always denyWe're searching for the cellars where the willows lie.   I want to know how my sins fly awayFrom God's most endearing play,Waiting for that broken dayI possess no more sins to fly far away.   I want to know when rescue is due,When our kidnappers won't have a clue--Taking our freedom to that trembling tune!For those who don't know when our rescue is due.   I want to know who to trust,Whose heart is not begging for lustWith voices shrieking "Unjust, unjust!You are the monster I cannot trust.

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