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I'm going through the motions
And I don't know why.
This whole feeling is atrocious
But I can't even hide.
I'm smiling in the physical
But crying all day.
Must be something spiritual
That won't go away.
It's like a disease like cancer
I can't find a cure.
Been searching for nine years
How long must one endure.
This world is so cold
To allow us the grow
Up with things so low
I can't take it in my soul.
But now it's a fight
And what hard one it is.
But it doesn't belong to me
It's all His
I'm about to take you through me
But don't judge me after
For this is the story of my life
The Untold Chapters

I used to want to
Date her
Touch love her
Love her
If anything else
I wanted to lust but
God saw fit to see me live
Inherit His kingdom, what a gift
I'm no more alone, now I'm grown
Living long, and writing songs
Now I'm rich, like I'm French
Can somebody please give praise to the King
I beat it like Joseph
And stopped boasting
Now I'm looking fresh so clean.
You notice?
I had to find a new home
Couldn't do it all alone
Jesus can You help me through this
Perilous unending zone
Because I feel I'm out of control
In this world that I'm living
It's killing and making me sing
Of my savior's love that's telling me
My son, you are forgiven
You've got to be kidding!
I feel like Scooby Doo in this strange mystery called salvation
Making me trust His never ending grace and...
Though I never deserved it.
He gave His life anyway and now I'm
Reading this forecast in my eyes.
It's a high chance of precipitation
Now see
What's done is done
And what's past is past
I'm looking forward to Christ now
I don't care if I'm an outcast
People judging me
Making fun of me
But I don't care because
I shine brighter than Sunny D
Your probably wondering
Who is this kid calling me a liar
I mean no disrespect
I just want to leave you inspired
So that's all I'm going to do
That's all I'm going to say
What happens next will all depend
On what you do today



All glory goes to God

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