who are you?


34” Bust

23” Waist

Colored Eyes

Smooth Skin

Healthy Hair

Healthy Look


Size Zero




Victoria Secret Angels




He’s goals. She’s goals. They’re goals.

Life goals.


Retweet if you want to be her.

Can’t I just be her?


The media whispers in our ears.

Laughs at us.

Because we are not ideal.

Because we are normal.

Because we can’t reach society’s expectations.

And the people listen.

And they feel empty.






I strived for perfection.

Don’t we all?

Because if you’re not perfect, who are you?

If you’re not beautiful, who are you?

If you’re not rich and famous, if you don’t own expensive gowns, if you

can’t even fit in them,

who are the hell are you?


But let me tell you one thing,

You are you.

You are beautiful.

You are important.

Will you let them define you?


And that’s the thing. People don’t have this.

But they should.




I learned this only recently.

And in my eyes, having confidence

Makes me flawless.

But I am not confident because of the way I look.

I am not confident because I have perfect skin, and hair, and eyes.

Because I DON’T.


I am confident because I have accepted myself.


God made me the way I am.

He gave me imperfections.

He gave me an unusual birthmark.

He put people on this planet to make fun of me.

To put me down.

To make me feel worthless.

So that, I feel none of this at all.

So that I can overcome these obstacles.

So that I discovered myself.


He made me who I am,

Because, in his eyes, I am perfect.

Who am I to tell him he made a mistake?


And so I am confident.

And therefore flawless.

Not because of how I look.

But because I have accepted

exactly who i am.


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