One day, a while ago, the sun was shining a bit too bright for my eyes, and for fear of not being able to see and to protect my face, I put sunglasses on. And well, you see, I am still wearing them.

I can't take them off because the shadow came up behind me and tied my hands together.I try to escape, but I am too weak.

And I hate wearing these sunglasses so much. I just wish I could be free. I am so sick of seeing you all in tinted view. Looking at you --and only seeing darkness.

The world is only so clear to me through these lenses. I can't really distinguish what is beside me, let alone in front. I walk slowly, moving one foot after another as if it is my first time doing this task. I tremble, for I am afraid to fall.

Oh, how I wish I could see the light. I miss it. I somehow thought this safety in the shade would be good for me, but I was wrong. The sun gives me life, it guides me. Reflects the image of who we all really are and what is true and beautiful. The sun gives hope to the grass and trees. It makes the birds chirp in excitement and awakens the waters. Without the sun, I am frozen in time, not living, and there's no way to escape.

I cry underneath my sunglasses. And at least that's one good thing about them-- nobody sees my tears. I'm at the point where it's really hard to continue on, when every direction I look is darkened.

I do wish sometimes that some rays of sunlight will come down and surprise me one day and untie me from this torture. And I can take off the shades of false protection, and run free towards the light. Never looking back, even when the sun is so bright I can't see what's in front of me.

I will never stop chasing after it. Even when I see those cool, shady spots on the side of the path along the way. They will never tempt me. The sun will give me strength. It will pull me in, it will never abandon me. It will call my name, even in the darkest part of the night. And it will tell me what I am called to do-- I am meant to find it, touch it, and keep it forever.

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