I can't live without.....

One thing I absolutely cannot go without is God.  He is my Alpha and Omega my beginning and the end he, is with me through thick and thin he forgives me of all of my sins.  I love God and I need him I can't possibly get through life without him.  God is my father, my best friend and will be with me until the end.  He loves me despite all of my ugly.  No more agony, no more pain, no more sorrow if I just call on his name.  He protects me and his words are great.  He determined my life and knows my fate.  God is like my genie but I don't need to rub a vase I just have to pray and he will bless me with all of his loving mercy and grace.  Jesus is the best and he's everything I could imagine, that is why I just can't live without him.

This poem is about: 
My family


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