"Time Machine"


"Sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down just get back up when it knocks you down...knocks you down..." Well I apologize Keri, but I'd have to disagree cause clearly that quote didn't work well for me. Yes. The Bible says that the righteous fall 7x and get back up 7x, but that's clearly now being taken outta context, cause I'm sure that verse had nothing to do with sex or any type of relationship but the one God has established with us, His kids.

Patience is a virtue, and maybe if I had realized that sooner, I wouldn't have hurt you, or vice versa too cause when I claimed you as my boo then all I could remember was that tingly feeling at the start of your love piercing my heart...yeah. That was actually all my common sense escaping my body. Cause in opening a doorway for you to stay, I made myself vulnerable to any type of attacks of terrorism you'd wanna perform cause as long as you were in my heart, you just had that power.

An hour, was too long. A minute, was all gone. And in a second, I pursued the wrong, one, like dag. Why can't I just wait on my Heavenly dad. My, sovereign Father to bring me this distant daughter of His cause each one I pursue with my own choice allows me to draw even farther away from His voice, and I ignore Him. Sin, just loves to trap men whose destinies are saturated with great success but have degraded and slowed down their process by, hittin' little speed bumps on the road or easily gettin' distrac- oh look!!! A butterfly!!!....wait. What was my last line?

Time. Time. Time. We don't trust God's, cause our lust floods our minds with pride making us believe that we can choose who is better for us better than The Man upstairs who cares deeper for us than ANYONE on this planet, a love way too deep to even understand it...dang it. How foolish, could I be. That just cause I couldn't see His future plans for me, I decided to be led by what I feel and told Jesus, "Ay man, that's enough. Let me take the wheel." Making Him my co-pilot....Father...I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I completely disobeyed what you said in Proverbs 3:5-6 and didn't believe these plans even exist, the ones you spoke in Jeremiah 29:11, I thought you were just referring to my life in Heaven, but I was on a search for those same blessings on earth. To find a girl whose worth was far greater than rubies as you spoke in Proverbs 31, but you also said my son, heed my warning, a blessing received too early, becomes a curse; Time.

When someone causes your emotions to spill, it is SO hard to accept God's will...but you know what..? I'm slowly learning to be chill.

You know what experience has finally taught me? Looking for the RIGHT one at the WRONG time would just be me constantly creating my past and experimenting with love which will NOW mess it up for my future. My Love Life would be Nothing But a Time Machine...

So God. For the time being, help me to become an amazing man so that when you do finally bless me with the woman of your plan, I'll successfully protect her, and allow you to be the band that straps our hearts together. And death will not do us part, but only be another start to the eternity in Heaven you have prepared for us. Father, I'll wait for you.


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