The "R" word

If I could change one thing in this world,

It would be how people use "retard"

Some call it the "R" word

Others, call it mentally handicapped.

I just simply do not say it.

It hurts people

It kills them

It's cruel

And its wrong

It's wrong to sit there and insult someone for something they can't control

It's wrong to sit there and insult one of God's own children,

His own creation

Who are you?

To sit there and do this to someone.

You are no one.

No one to sit there and call someone this word,

When you don't even know what their world is like.

Trapped, Alone,

They all struggle.

Day and night

What is simple to us is hard for them

And we should acknowledge it.

Calling someone "retard" is wrong

It's cruel and it hurts

No more

No more "r" word. 



I wrote this out of pure truth on how much I hate the "r" word.

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