How can this be the land of the free

It seems more like the land of the slaves

Suggestive thinking rearranging our views controlling us were nothing but sheep to them

All is not equal is that was the case then both women and men would be paid equally

Our children should have not to live with fear and deeds of what our “fathers” have done

Why don’t we all get the same education and so call freedom?

The color of our skin would not matter but it still lives and now there is white history month

With our history books rewritten Most of what I have been told has been lies and now I can’t live with peace

I want universal truth Kneel to the sky and pray I preach help and I hope that God saves them

In this world that uses religion as a weapon sickens me

Everything is so corrupted and I one time I wanted to leave all this and I wanted to die

One day I was saved and now I’m filled with this love I can’t explain and now I just want to spread the truth with love

Acknowledge the reality

What most don’t know is that earth is the gift for Satan from God

We live in our own hell Nations against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms

We are all sinners and we forget that He who died hanged on the cross

He died for our sins so we can live this “perfect” lives

Lies are lurking but eyes are closed heard but died from the other end of the ear

Hurting I’m turning But I’m learning about how the world is burning

Ignorance is effecting us it has been since the elite were born

The thought of Satan worshipers and how they are watching us sounds crazy

Those who know the truth are shun down and dumb down looked down and called mad man

Mr. President the one who has the power to change the world but your destroying it with no remorse

How can you go to sleep at night when most of us are crying?

Were the true terrorists killing and bombing

How sad is it that we turn against our own people

Innocent deaths just for your own benefits

Sometimes I feel so close from insanity

I know that they read my blogs and laugh at my words and cry from the hilarious ideas I speak out

I keep it real and I am going to keep it alive

I know that my words and my pen is way stronger that their ammo

I’d rather die as a martyr

I know people will always remember me and not forget

My words will remain strong and powerful until the day I die

I walk with God and I can walk anywhere without fear and I will succeed.


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