Hell Road


I’ve been face to face with the Devil.   

I have braved darkness, deep and shallows.

Above and beneath the bowls.

O! The howls!


I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,

praying God have mercy over my soul.

Until I come face to face, with my faith and fate,

 I pray and pray.


God forgive me for my sins are grave,

I repent for my sinful ways.

With serpents, in the den, I've laid

I've sinned. I've raged.

I revel

I've partied in the face of the devil

And danced amongst the chaos and the rebels


I’ve been through the dirt, and the flames, and the rubble

I’ve been burned and bruised,

But, I have never settled


I hate this fucking hellhole

I’ll be damned if I don’t escape this fucking hell road. 

I  will dig my way through darkness you cannot fathom

It’s bleak and I’m unraveled

I am weakened and I’m rattled

I am praying for forgiveness, on my knees, I grovel

Until I bleed from every vessel

Until I’m weak in every muscle

Praying every day, until I cave until I buckle

I until I’m saved and I’m humble

I’ve faced my faith, I’ve faced my fate.

I prayed and pray, His Kingdome awaits.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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