Sea of Life


       I'm lost in these rivers of peace, Hope swelling and gushing through every pore within me, Love dragging me down in the currents. When His grace oh the unfailing grace sends me drifting up to the shore, And who awaits me there? No one except for my Lord, He reaches down and dusts me off, He heals my cuts and a bruise, He says to me come let's have a walk, So I walk with Him in all His great majesty, We gaze out past the sea, He says to me oh sweet child come and rest in me, I love you so for this you must know so come my child and rest in me out of those seas, I need you here dwelling in me not drifting about the seas. I looked to Him with tears in my eyes not knowing quite what to say. It was just then that I saw once again the sea was gushing around me, my Savior I saw standing in the sand with an outstretched hand pleading for me to come back home. But off I went in that dreadful current and was drug down deep, and only then did I realize that what I once saw as the peaceful seas full of hope and love where really mountainous waves in an angry sea all of them trying to suffocate me. And in my head was this voice filled with love saying child, my dear child, come back home, please rest in me away from the sea for now you see that you are drifting away. So I swam towards Him as fast as I could, but seemed to get no where. I tried and tried to no avail to go and meet him there. I was so worn out and slowly I was being drug down, so I reached out my hand towards the shore, but I dared not open my mouth for the seas would surely swim down my throat and drown me where I was. Jesus got in his boat and sat there looking towards me. It was to much to bear, so I opened my mouth and yelled to Him to come near. I could no longer see for the water around had blinded me. But I heard him row up and knew he was close and I said Lord please help me, I'm getting no where and I'm so very scared please let me come with you. I heard no voice but I stretched out my hand, and I knew He would rescue me. He pulled me on up and wrapped me in His warmth and said this to me, My dear child you may rest in me, I'm so glad you've come back home. I've been waiting for you and though you did not know it, I was the salt within the cursed sea. I was always so close even though you could not see me and payed me no mind. But listen my dear you needn't fear for I am with you again right now, and with no more edu he rowed me back to shore. Many a day I have drifted back out into that wretched sea, but now I know that my Lord is also in the sea, He is the salt that coats my skin the salt that seems to comfort me and He is always there pleading for me to come back home. But I often find that the journey is not my own, I am not strong enough to fight the seas and the waves are to big. It is my Savior that comes and rescues me. He is stronger than any sea. And so it will be for all eternity, our Savior is here waiting for us to reach out our hand and call him near. It is in our faith we give Him the power to grace us with His strength, He rows in His boat and lifts us so close and carries us bac  k home.        


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