post 9/11 today in 2016

a new poll shows that 47% oppose to kapernick's protest

32% support his stance

this is a numbers game

not surprise with these results

this brother is being persecuted for something he believes in

meanwhile, donald trump can blatantly incite violence, and there's excitement behind the charge

barack obama gets boo in football games, and its okay because people are exercising their 1st amendment

so is he

so what's the difference?

the difference is the color not inside our bodily functions

but the color outside that is poorly misrepresented by ignorance orchestrated by satan who uses weak souls

to do his bid like a crime being committed 

the only difference is he still on the loose and you're locked up behind bars doing 25 to life

44% of fans will not watch the NFL if protest continues

but over 50% will watch breaking news of brad pitt and angelina jolie getting a divorce

this is the world for you

these poll were taken on 9/13 & 9/14 so until this day, 9/11 impacts lives, even to those who didn't lose a love one

9/11 should not be the only time that people should be together

it's everyday that God wakes us up to live another day that we should come together

i love the country of the united states because of God's creation in using immigrants

to build famous landmarks such as: brooklyn bridge, grand canyon, and yes the white house

sorry fools, but the immigrants build the white house in giving The Lord His glory

society sees this dude kneeling during the anthem as a platform to incite violence

and this stance doesn't accomplish anything

the same was said back in 1963 when dr. martin luther king ( oh by the way world, he was a reverend )

let's not forget reverend becuase the world is scare of The Bible and it's powerful Scriptures

march to washington DC, 60% were unfavor because it entices violence to erupt & achieves nothing

now in 2016, same argument back then is the same arguement today

what's more poignant now is incidents that occur recently

for example, a bomb was set off in chelsea and elizabeth , nj

social media and reports informed us that the suspect was possibly armed and extremely dangerous

the occurrence escalated when he got into a shootout with police officers 

where later on he was detained, but ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

another situation within this past week where a black man, a father of four on his way back from college

his car breaks down in the middle of the road

he's asking for help in finding out why his car broke down

police didn't see this brother as a person asking for assistance

all they saw was the color of his face

antennas were raise , but sure as hell didn't work because it malfucnction, due to stupidity

they didn't give him help

instead they gave him lead

most of all, they gave him something that won't take back, HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!

and the justification of this is non-compliance

dispatcher was patched in saying this guy is one big black bad dude

didn't know him from a hole in the wall

the bomber set off bombs, and injured 29 people

validation that he was armed and dangerous

shoots two police officers, and TAKEN ALIVE!!!!!!!!

a black man's car broke down

his hands were up, but his body dropped by ammo

all because of non-compliance

judgement day arrives when you have to answer to The Lord

He is the Judge, The Juror, and Jurisdiction

you are on drugs if you think i'll salute to the flag of the united states of america

not because of the country itself, it was created by God

but the manipulation of uneducated men who are constantly changing laws in corruption

that causes separation to break apart where people continue to divide

what's causing the separation, the devil

how we unite, love that transcends from God where it saids in Romans 8:38

God loves you, and so do i, nothing can separate us from His love

so if we're basing facts on numbers

the number shows that there are 39 books in the old testament

27 books in the new testament that forever tells the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth

not in the court of law where the system continues to fail and deny someone of a 2nd chance

but God's law where He forgives and gives someone a 2nd chance of salvation

when this country admits its hypocrisy and truly understands the meaning of God Bless America

then i'll cover my heart with respect to salute

until then, i'll uncover my heart with disrespect, never to The Lord, but those who show no regard to human life 





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A reflection on his experience as an openly Christian man in pagan America, this poem makes Mr. MVP a social critic who shares the pain and struggle of all spiritual Americans regardless of religion.

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